Where We Kayak In Hilton Head      Kayak Hilton Head Island Kayaking

We are located just a couple hundred yards from one of the dolphins favorite feeding areas in all of Hilton Head!! Many, many times we can see where the dolphins are before we even get into our kayaks. We kayak in the salt water estuary called Broad Creek running right through the center of the island.

Just a couple hundred yards away is the big bend in the creek where fish and shrimp go to hide and therefore the dolphins come to look for their food. After they eat they often enjoy playing and relaxing in the same area.

Of course since they are wild animals, we can’t absolutely promise to see the dolphins every time but chances of seeing them on our tours may be better than any other kayak area on Hilton Head Island.

We’re just lucky to be right where the inland local dolphins like to feed! There’s “Blackbeard”, “Nick”, “Big Bob”, “Ziggy”, and little baby “Stripes” just to mention a few!

The other great thing about our kayak area is it is away from the open ocean and other wide open bodies of water such as the Calibogue Sound where the water can get rough if the winds or tides pick up speed. Our area of Broad Creek is very sheltered and it is a great area to safely kayak in calm waters. You are surrounded by pristine salt marsh with interesting marsh channels to explore.

The oyster beds grow by the millions and along with the salt marsh provide shelter for all kinds of fish, crabs and shrimp. This provides food for egrets, herons, ibis, wood storks and many other interesting species of birds. Turtles live here also and sometimes we spot mink or otter feeding around the oyster beds. And manatee………..you never know, they also sometimes wonder through are area in the warmer months. This is a great area of Hilton Head Island and there are many many fun things to see.