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Our Tours and Prices


 Call 843-684-1910 to RESERVE today or click on the “Book Now” button on any of our webpages to RESERVE online! RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.

 By printing this page as your coupon, or just mentioning it when you make a RESERVATION, we offer:

$15 off each adult and 50% off each child.

Therefore for our two hour guided tour you pay only:

$30/adult and $15/child (12 and under)

Regular prices for these 2 hour tours are: $45/adult, $30/child(12 and under)

***Please note that we do charge you for the number of spots or kayaks you have reserved. Please do not reserve for 6 just because you think another one or two might want to join your group of 4 in the morning. If you reserve for a certain number, you will be charged for that number even if you show up with less people. 24 hour cancel policy is in affect for every spot on a tour or kayak rental you have reserved. Thank you for your understanding.


 (Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Tours Available.)
The typical Summer Schedule(June-Aug) is 8am, 10:30, 1:00, 3:30, 6:15 sunset. (Please note that we run just four tours per day on the weekends in the summer. Times can vary but are usually 8:30, 11:15, 2pm and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Call (843) 684-1910 for exact details.

Spring and Fall Schedule will vary but tour times are close to the following: 9am, 11:30, 2:00, 5:00


(Most likely in the slower season a same day reservation will work but please call because again tour times make vary this time of the year.)

Winter Schedule – Call for times, usually 2 or 3 times per day.

Also: Fireworks Tours (Fireworks tours run for 10 weeks over the summer months on Tuesday evenings usually from mid June through mid August)

On Tuesday evenings in the summer months our regular 2 hour evening sunset tour is followed by the Shelter Cove fireworks show. Just like all of our other tours we kayak through the beautiful salt marsh of Broad Creek where we search for dolphins as well as explore the marsh channels where the occasional mink or otter might suprise us and where many of the beautiful wading birds come to feed. (Last year we found dolphins on every fireworks tour other than one!) At the end of our tour, just as it’s getting dark we come to the dock, maybe pull up a crab trap for the kids and then enjoy the fireworks of Shelter Cove as they shoot off over the water just down from where we are located. You’ll have a great view of the fireworks and might even see some more dolphins as the water lights up from show! Its a great way to spend Tuesday night with your family!

This tour starts at 6:45(please arrive by 6 to sign in) and the fireworks show normally begins about 30 mins after we get back. Reservation Required. $35 Adults, $17 Kids 12 and under (No further discounts apply for this tour.)


(Note: Kayak tour prices include your kayak. These rental prices are for those looking to kayak on their own without the tour. Please note, kayak rentals are for those that can demonstrate that they are competent to be out on the water on their own and without a guide. Though we are there to help you, you must be able to demonstrate that you can get in and out of a kayak unassisted otherwise for safety reason we will require you to join a guided tour instead. Thanks for your understanding)

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED! In months other than June, July and August we are not staffed at the water location other than by reservation. If you just show up without a reservation there most likely will be no one there to rent you a kayak as we too are enjoying the offseason. In the summer months showing up without a reservation most likely will mean that kayaks will already all be reserved. We tell you this here to try to save you the aggravation of showing up and not being able to get what you would like. Simply call us before coming out to make a reservation and we will be sure to have kayaks ready for you. Often a same day reservation is just fine during these slower times of the year and sometimes in the summer too but you must call 843-684-1910 before coming out for a rental or a tour. Thanks!

Kayak rentals are for a 2 hour period. Sorry we do not do 1 hour rentals.

SINGLE KAYAKS – $20 for two hours

DOUBLE KAYAKS – $35 for two hours

Our kayak rentals are for a two hour period. In 2 hours you can explore the same areas where our tours go to look for dolphins though we do not allow rental groups to wonder through areas of oyster beds because of damage it causes to our kayaks.  Kayak rentals are a great way to go relax and explore on your own though if you are interested in exploring into the marsh where most of the oyster beds lie than it is best to be with a guide that knows where these oyster beds lie which is often just below the surface of the water. We are happy to offer the best advice we can as far as the best places to go looking for DOLPHINS!
(Please note that we will not rent to a single individual for safety reasons. You must be accompanied by at least one other person to rent a kayak. As a single you are welcome to join a guided tour. Thanks!)