Dolphin Boat Tours and Family Shark Fishing

Kayak Hilton Head also offers many different types of boat tours! Click on one of the blue links below or scroll down to learn more about all of the fun you and your family can have on one of our boat tours!

(Please call 843-684-1911 for any of our boat tours)

2 Hour Dolphin Boat Tours | 3 Hour Beachcombing |
Sunset Cruise | Fireworks Tours | Family Shark Fishing | Family Crabbing


Also visit the Dolphin Discoveries website directly for more information and pictures.

(Please call 843-684-1911 for any of our boat tours)


Our two hour dolphin boat tours depart all throughout the day. The dolphin boat tours have a dolphins guarantee! (See below for details) Our boats are 22 foot Carolina Skiffs with a sun canopy. Therefore shade or sun is available for seating. It’s rated by the manufacture for 14 people but we take 6 people maximum so that our tours are always small groups.

Everyone on board will have plenty of room to get to the best viewing area for seeing the dolphins and for taking unobstructed photos of these fun and friendly creatures.

(Sorry, we do limit the boat to 6 people regardless of ages and size of the passengers) This tour is a completely different experience than the big “head boats” that take 30 to 50 people and do a structured route where dolphins may or may not be seen.

Remember, we do guarantee dolphins on our tours! We go to where the dolphins are, and often turn off the boat to enjoy the peacefulness of the area while being able to hear the exhale of the dolphins as the come to the surface.

Quite often the dolphins are just as interested in us as we are in them and might swim right up to the boat for great photo opportunities. A zoom lense is not needed on our tours! This truly is an experience to remember!! 

Pricing: $45 for adults and $35 for kids 12 and under (seasonal discounts may apply for larger families. Please call for details.) Couples are welcome too!

We do have a 3 person minimum on all of our tours but often if there are just 2 in your group we can pair you with another 2 so please call for reservations. The other options for couples during the slower months when another 2 may not be available to pair you with is to pay the 3 person rate of 2 adult and 1 child rate totaling $125. We therefore meet our 3 person minimum and the boat will go. Just your 2 plus the captain and the dolphins! Truly sorry about the 3 person minimum but captain’s wages, gas, oil and other expenses make this necessary.

Schedule: Our typical summer schedule is 8am, 10:30, 1:00, 3:30, and 6:15 for the sunset. (June, July, and Aug.)

Spring and fall the schedule is generally 9am, 11:30, 2:30, and 5:00. (Call for daily winter tour times)

***The boat tour schedule may vary from day to day throughout the year so be sure to call for exact times for the day you would like to go***

(**It’s extremely unusual to have a tour where we do not see dolphins but if we don’t find dolphins we will take your group again for free**)

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This tour adds an extra hour to the two hour guaranteed dolphin tour. Generally we spend the extra hour exploring your choice of Vanishing Island or the beaches of Daufuskie Island.

Or take your extra hour to keep enjoying the dolphins, it’s your choice. Vanishing island is actually a big sandbar off the point of Hilton Head where sand dollars, starfish, and beautiful sea shells often collect that rarely can be found on the Hilton Head beaches because somebody else has gotten to them first.

Most days we don’t see anyone else as we explore Vanishing Island unless maybe another boat has stopped by. Vanishing Island is only accessible by boat. Daufuski Island has a long stretch of secluded white sand beach where many of the same shells can be found.

Again we often don’t see anyone else on this beach. (Remember, we do not collect anything that is still alive but you are welcome to collect the shells, sand dollars and starfish that have been bleached white by the sun.)

Seeing dolphins and exploring secluded beaches will bring memories that will last for years!

Schedule: This tour is available once per day as low tide is the best time for exploring these beaches. Call to check tide schedules for the day you are planning.

Pricing: Adults $65 and kids 12 and under $55(Three person minimum, pricing is available for couples that want to take this tour. Call for details.)

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SUNSET CRUISE (2 ½ hours)


Join us on a sunset cruise. It’s 2 ½ hours of whatever you want to do. The Captain will search for dolphins if you’d like or follow along behind a shrimp boat while they pull in their catch for the night. Maybe you just want to sit and relax while enjoying the peacefulness of being on the water as the sun goes down.

It’s your time to enjoy however you’d like. Bring appetizers and a bottle of wine or pizza and sodas if you prefer. We start at 6:15 in the summer months and end just after the sun has set. It’s a great way to end the day!

Prices: $55/adult and $40/child 12 and under.(We do have a 3 person minimum on this tour. Couples are still of course welcome. We will try to pair you up with another couple or if we can’t you can pay the 3 adult totaling $165 and we will happily run the tour and you can enjoy the boat all to yourselves! )

**Please note you are allowed to bring anything you’d like on the boat for eats and drinks with the exception of red wine or grape juice which will both permanently stain the deck if spilled. Thanks for your understanding.

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Just like the sunset cruise this tour is 2 ½ hours. It starts at 7:15 on Tuesday evenings only. We will explore the Calibogue sound where we will dolphin watch for the first two hours of the tour and then we will come back into Broad Creek and close to the Shelter Cove Harbor to watch the summer Tuesday night fireworks.

It’s a beautiful evening on the water and there’s not a better way to take in the fireworks than this. Bring drinks and snacks if you’d like.

Prices: $55/adult and $40/child 12 and under.(Because this tour is run only once a week for a few weeks of the summer we do only guarantee bookings for groups of 4 or more. Groups of 3 or less are welcome of course.  We will try to pair you up with another group of 3 or less where available. (Fireworks nights generally run from mid-June to mid-August. Call for exact dates)

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Catching Sharks!! What else could be more fun for the kids?! Well…maybe the stories they get to tell their friends when they get back home. This tour is designed for families with kids. A five year old will enjoy this just as well as your harder to please teenagers. It’s fun for everyone! This has become one of our most popular trips!

Our goal is to take you to the shark holes where the 2 and 3 footers are aplenty. The occasional 4 or 5 footer we will bring to the boat for a look and cut loose. One tour last year caught over 30 sharks! On the average summer tour we catch 5 or 6. That’s probably the low end of average!

We are not out to catch monster sharks but instead the sizes that will put up a good fight and are also manageable enough for the captain to bring on board for a few quick pictures before we put them back in the water to live another day. Yes, this is catch and release so nothing loses its life over our fun and photos. This tour is 3 hours. All bait, tackle, and licensing are included.

This is a private boat tour for just you and your family. It is not a big “head boat” with 40 lines in the water where you hope it’s your line that the fish bites. We take 6 people maximum and fish a maximum of 4 rods at a time. Catching sharks often means catching more than one at a time so any more than 4 lines in the water will allow the sharks to tangle every up. We want to keep all the lines free so we can catch as many as we can!!

The tours can be scheduled all throughout the day but generally the best time for sharks is first thing in the morning for a 7am departure or when the sun is going down for a 6:00pm departure time. The price is $375 per boat(some discounts may apply) and again includes everything you need. Feel free to bring a cooler with sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Of course your camera too!! There’s nothing more fun than this!

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Catch yourself some dinner! Or just come out for the fun of watching the kids net some blue crabs. This tour is 2 hours and we spend that time in the salt water estuary in the center of Hilton Head.

While we crab we often see dolphins swimming by as well as Blue Herons or Egrets that like to stand along the banks and watch what we are doing. It’s a crabbing and wildlife excursion that is fun for all ages.

We take a maximum of 6 people on each tour so everyone has their own net to catch as many crabs as you can! The boat has a sun canopy so you can sit in the sun or shade.

Bring a book to read and relax while the kids net crabs or bring snacks and drinks to enjoy your 2 hours on the water however you would like.

Pricing: Adults $45 and kids 12 and under $35

(**Family crabbing tours are tentatively on hold because of the slow crab catch we are having so far this year. But there have been TONS OF DOLPHINS and lots of sharks caught on the shark fishing tours so come join us on one of those. Thanks!)

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