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The hurricane has passed and luckily we fared pretty well. We will reopen for business beginning Friday October 14th so please call for reservations. If you have a future reservation we hope you are still coming. Our employees as well as all the service industry employees in Hilton Head very much need to get back to work so we hope to see you soon. Thousands of trees were lost but still hundreds of thousands remain. Most buildings are other structures look just as they did before the hurricane. All of our equipement was put into storage and we are getting it all back out today to be ready to kayak as well as do boat tours. The dolphins are still here of course and want to see you too! It’s amazing how curious they become when they don’t see people for a few days. They too wonder where we are so please come join a kayak or dolphin boat tour starting Friday October 14!


Kayak Hilton Head 843-684-1910

Thanks for visiting our website! My name is Dave and I am the owner of Kayak Hilton Head. Here on our website we hope you will not only find answers to many of your questions about kayaking in Hilton Head and our tours, but also will enjoy the wildlife pictures as well as some of the fun pictures of our guests.

Seeing the dolphins seems to be everyone’s favorite thing about kayaking in Hilton Head so we have been sure to include some good photos that we have taken during our tours of these friendly and playful bottlenose dolphins.

Bottlenose dolphins are very intelligent creatures that often enjoy seeing us just as much as we enjoy seeing them. Probably the world’s most famous bottlenose dolphin is “Flipper” and though “Flipper” does not reside with us here in Hilton Head we do have “Blackbeard”, “Nick”, “Choppy”, “Big Bob” and “Little baby Stripes” just to name a few! These friendly dolphins feed and play in the area that we kayak almost every day of the year. Along with the dolphins there are many other interesting and fun things to see on both our Hilton Head kayak and boat tours.There’s a bald eagle that nests nearby that often comes to catch a fish for her dinner. Seeing an occasional mink or otter while exploring the marsh is always a treat and when we get really lucky we might run across a manatee that has traveled up from Florida for a visit during the warmer months. Of course there are the interesting beds of oysters that grow along the shoreline to learn about while shrimp and fish jump and get chased by the many species of shorebirds trying to catch them for their dinner. This really is an experience that everyone and all ages will enjoy!
We also have our DAILY GUARANTEED DOLPHIN BOAT TOURS as well as the summer fun of the family shark fishing tours. Oh… don’t worry, the shark fishing is miles away from where we kayak in Hilton Head so no need to worry about them on the kayak tours. Only fun and friendly critters reside in the kayaking area!Families with kids come to see us every day and the stories they take with them last throughout the year. Continue on with our website to learn more about both our Hilton Head kayaking and boat tours and please call and talk to us directly with any questions you have and to reserve a spot on one of our tours today!We look forward to seeing you soon!Dave

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